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"That's not Love is a sultry, smoky blues tune, while Come Spring is a jazzy piano ballad.  If this is any indication of what the rest of the record holds, Blue Canvas is going to be her best yet."  Curtis Lynch - Playgrounds Magazine (Rattlesnake Confusion) | Columbus, GA


"Fill in the Blanks is infectious with a great message."  Tony Arata - Hall of Fame Songwriter | Nashville, TN


"Good as Gold" is freaking Awesome Jan."  Dewayne Brown - Label & Artist Development at RED / A Division of  Sony Music | Nashville, TN


""Reinvent Myself" might be the best song that Joni DIDN'T write.  It is a beauty, with great jazzy style guitar and smoky, breathy vocals combining in the making of a great song."  Rob Forbes (Stevo) - Leicester Bangs | UK


"A lyrical Acrobat" Candice Dyer - Georgia Music Magazine | Macon, GA


"While channeling influences such as John Prine and Joni Mitchell, folk, blues, and country are all combined or mused on separately in Spillane's work.  It is this versatility and desire to bend and warp established genres that makes her a wonderful songwriter."

John Cowell - British Singer/Songwriter | UK


"Jan Spillane is one of Savannah's premier singer/songwriters, and literally sounds like no one else."

Bill DeYoung - Connect Savannah | Savannah, GA


"...Groups including Wilco, Band of Heathens, Coachmen and Jan Spillane echo the musical sound that is pulling inspiration from all over the map. It's called Americana."  Jim McLean - The Harmonica, Americana and U(SB) | Riverside, IL


"Soulful, sexy singer/songwriter Spillane has the soul of a hopeless romantic, the voice of a smoky jazz chanteuse and the tenacity of a hardworking blues diva."  Bill DeYoung - Connect Savannah | Savannah, GA


"Breathy and brazen, swinging and sexy, Spillane gooses the blues, country and plain old Joni-esque folk music into something extraordinary." Bill DeYoung - Connect Savannah | Savannah, GA


"Undoubtedly, the best vocal jazz album released in Savannah in a long while, Jan Spillane's Gut Feeling is an exquisite example of southern drawing room jazz and blues.  An accomplished pianist and vocalist, Spillane boasts an album entirely composed of original material which rivals contemporary jazz artists on a national level." J. Lyon Layden - Creative Loafing | Savannah, GA


"Spillane's vocals are simply wonderful throughout, an instrument surpassing all accompaniment.  Gut Feeling contains one of the most consistently professional and expressive vocal performances I've heard this year.  Poetic and timeless, Gut Feeling deserves to be heard time after time."  Curtis Lynch - Playgrounds Magazine | Columbus, GA






"Painting the Blues runs the gamut from the country-tinged opener "5-Star Hotel," which sounds not unlike Jan's idol Joni Mitchell channelling the idyllic, jovial Americana of John Prine." Vibes by Jim Reed - Connect Savannah | Savannah, GA

"Possessing a voice like Mary and writing like Harry, we have a hidden local talent in this town." J. Lyon Layden - Creative Loafing aka Connect Savannah | Savannah, GA

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